I have been practicing Esthetics since 2004.  My passion for skin care, sharing the knowledge I have learned and continue to gain on an almost daily basis, and for educating my clients and consumers has grown immensely.

From the time I was a teenager and started wearing make-up, my mother nagged me to wash my face…every night, she would even wake me up if I came home and fell asleep with it on and it drove me crazy!  But I really am grateful today because I know that set in motion my love and passion for skin care.  I used to get accused of “picking” too much, because I was always “squeezing” in the mirror (gross, I know – although some of you know what I’m saying).   I am a product junkie….I will try any product (that interests me and “fits” my skin care needs).  I have seen amazing expensive and inexpensive products, all of which I have in my drawer(s) at home.  I love to try new products, treatments and ingredients and share the ones I love with others!

Clients goals, desires and needs are my greatest priorities during every treatment.

Cindy Lonsdale, Licensed Esthetician, #49933

Member of Associated Skin Care Professionals, and National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations

Previous skin care business owner

Trained at Esthetiques Cosmetology Institute/Paul Mitchell Partnership, Temecula, CA – graduated April 2004

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