Skin care is not just my job, but my passion, and when you love what you do, it really doesn’t feel like much of a job.  At the end of every treatment when my client climbs up out of that comfy, heated, contoured esthetics bed, after enjoying a slathering of nutrients and a relaxing face, neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage, and then they walk out, look in the mirror and see the results of their treatment, they’re smiling  and are smitten with their smooth glowing skin, I am satisfied.  When a client apologizes for dozing off, pfffffftttt….if you doze off, I’m doing my “job”.

When my client then takes an interest in their home skin care routine,  I am thrilled.  Because that healthy polished finish and glow is achievable at home and my passion is sharing with you all about how to do it.

Because I believe your skin can reflect many imbalances in life,  my newly ignited passion for balance and total wellness, including my love for essential oils and nutrition will also be shared.

Here’s to a beautiful healthy glow!