under renovation

Welcome to my website. It is very much under renovation, as I recently had an epiphany that I don’t want to be boxed into any “one” area of my life. I am, by profession and passion for nearly twenty years, an Esthetician and, more recently, a certified Yoga and Breath Instructor. Please see my “About Me” for more about my services.

Like I said, the rest, is very much under renovation, as I continue to dive deeper into my own healing and transformational journey. I am currently studying with Soma Breath on a Transformational Coaching/Master Instructor certification. I have learned so much already, and know I will never stop learning, because that is the path of my souls yearning.

One of the most profound transformations I’ve experienced in the past year, is the acceptance of myself. My mistakes, my shortcomings and most importantly, my growth. Learning to explore, acknowledge and accept the dark parts, bringing them into the light, and with healing, learning to transform them and use them to fuel my life’s work, desires and passions. Learning to accept myself right where I’m at has been empowering. I am exploring new boundaries with new and old hobbies and it has been inspiring and energizing.

So, let me reintroduce myself from the place I find myself today.

I am a lover of nature, humanitarian, animal lover, healer, excited by the moon and stars, peacemaker, peacekeeper and peace seeker, a child of God and the Universe. I am a Holistic Esthetician and Wellness Advocate, and long time follower of Yoga. I am a certified yoga and breath instructor and I am passionate about holistic health, selfcare, yoga, breathwork, music, art and photography. Painting and photography are my favorite artistic/meditative outlets. I am interested in health and wellness, the arts, humanity, science, physiology, biology, physics, technology, space and AI.

This is where I hope to steer my website – in the direction of all things Cindy.