Everyone’s skin is different, and is different day to day, depending on changes in your environment, hormones, stress and daily activities, diet and a number of other things we may not even realize.  I don’t believe there is any “one” fix, or “magical” product or treatment that will give you “perfect” skin.  If you have perfect skin, thank your parents, it’s in your genes.  I do believe, however, that your skin care goals and your actual results are achieved much like your physical body, in that, the more you do for your face, the better your skin will look, much like “diet and exercise” we do for our bodies. That being said, your treatments should differ from appointment to appointment, depending on what it is you are trying to achieve. Communication with your Esthetician is KEY and the more you work “together” the better result you will achieve

With communication from you about your goals and honest communication from your Esthetician about realistic expectations, healthy glowing skin IS achievable.

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