Holistic Skin Care and Holistic Health

Hi! It’s been two years this month since I’ve written a post.  We are currently in the midst of this Corona virus Pandemic, and I’m furloughed from work until at least April 30th.  My last day of work was the 14th and today is the 27th.  It took me two weeks to realize I have TIME TO WRITE!  YAAAYYY!!  Welcome back!  Being that it’s been two years, some things have changed and I’m currently in the process of shifting my skincare blog, into a Holistic Health and Wellness blog, with a heavy influence from Ayurvedic medicine.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still doing skin and she is my first love, but what’s really cool it’s all tied together anyways!

My work as an Esthetician has evolved over the years. Looking back, I realize I manifested it and I am right where I put myself almost 20 years ago.   Holistic skincare has always been in my blood, and I’ve always been a fairly healthy eater and maintained a fairly healthy lifestyle.  A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and that really kicked my “wellness” habits into a whole new playing field, which I’m happy to say have squelched the symptoms I was experiencing.   I’m feeling healthier at 52 than I did during my 40’s AND my skin is feeling better than ever!  I have done extensive and continue to research holistic and Ayurvedic therapies for various health concerns I have had over the years, ALL of which will improve skin health, as well! .  Additionally, while I have practiced yoga on and off for years, I am currently in the process of completing my Teacher Training program which has changed my life for the SO much better!  My next venture is an actual Ayurvedic nutrition certification.

In the meantime, while my blog will continue to offer skin care tips, tricks and advice, I will also continue to share therapies, remedies, treatments and experiences from my continued wellness journey.  So while skin care continues to be my first passion, holistic health and wellness is my new baby.  My new passion is sharing everything I have learned to help anyone who is looking for a healthier body, mind, soul AND skin!  After all, experts say the skin is an tell-tale sign of the overall health of the human body.  So if your internal health is good, your skin will will be your reflection of that.  Back to me helping you get that healthy skin glow that we all love!



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