Find Your Breath and Change Your Life ~ How My Breathwork Practice Changed My Life

There are not many things that we, as individuals, can control in this life, yet the most valuable thing we do have is something that is completely under our control, and without it we would not be here. Our breath. Our breath is the bridge between life and death. Our breath is our sacred life prana. It is energy and it is in you and all around you. The goal is to retrain and rewire your brain to become aware of your breath in every moment. When you are in traffic, running late, or experiencing any kind of stressful situation, your breath becomes erratic, which affects your heart rate, your blood pressure and the chemistry of your blood which then affects a myriad of other systems and/or organs in your body. When you learn to harness the power of your breath, you can create positive influences on your body and your can ultimately change your life.

Memories and stress about the future also affects our breathing. When we learn to come back to the present moment, focus on our breath, take control and slow it down, and take back our power, this is where the magic begins. Think about a time when you were really upset, really mad or hurt, close your eyes and tune into your heart, and your breath. What do you feel? A racing heart? Your blood pumping? Maybe your temperature rising? Now take a deep breath in and pretend like your blowing your breath out through a straw…..and extend your exhale as long as is comfortable (no force). Now, think about someone you love, or the last time you were really happy. Tune in to your body. How’s your heartbeat? Your breath? The muscles in your body? Different? Take a deep breath in again and a long slow exhale through a straw. Close your eyes and smile and recognize that you are present with your breath and notice the peace. Know that you can come back to this place at any time, just by simply taking control of your mind and your breath.

I’ve never been a strong meditator (lord knows I’ve tried for years) nor, did I have a consistent breathwork practice….until last year. I really didn’t understand or even have an awareness of breath work, that I can recall, prior to my Yoga Instructor training in 2018. Breath work, however, did become my favorite part of yoga. It IS life changing. But I never really connected to a practice, until I discovered Soma Breath.

Last August or September (2021) I was scrolling social media and ran across a free five day breath work course being offered (see there ARE good things on social media!) by Soma Breath (whom I’d never heard of). Since I love to learn and I had already developed an affinity for breath work, and it was free….it was a no brainer. By day 2 or 3, I was so intrigued by the practice that I then signed up for two more classes, the BreathFit Challenge and subsequently, the 21 Day Awakening Journey, which I have done twice, and am getting ready to do it again. Truth be told, I’m sure I will do it several times over the remainder of my life, because what I have learned about myself, is that I love to learn and I love the feeling of growth, discovery and awakening. Life never stops throwing curve balls and I have learned to accept challenges and disappointments, not just lessons, but as gifts that allow me to grow and become a stronger version of myself, more connected to others, more spiritual, more appreciative, more empathetic and ultimately, more alive!

Over the last 10 months, I worked my way through both courses (twice) and became deeply connected to the practice. Today, I practice nearly EVERY day, usually first thing in the morning, sometimes twice a day, sometimes during the day. While I have always been pretty health conscious, as many of you know, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in December 2017, shortly thereafter, becoming a certified yoga instructor, mainly in search of a healthier/alternative medicine lifestyle. I’m am now tapping into the unique and life changing hacks or techniques that Soma Breath has brought into my life and they are all reiterating and connecting with what I have been searching for and learning my whole life. I have missed my practice a day or two since discovering this gem, and let me tell you IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN MY DAY! Usually, so much so, that I end up going to bed with a short practice, just to make me feel better. And it ALWAYS does.

Practice makes perfect, and this is where Soma Breath comes in for me. They offer extensive training that is backed by all kinds of science (and those of you that know me, know that’s my jam), the most beautifully crafted music, with rhythms that are scientifically linked to the natural rhythms of our bodies, and in perfect timing with nature. Soma Breath transformational journeys also help create a lifestyle that is fit for the INDIVIDUAL, through Ayurveda (an ancient medicine based on balancing the body systems with diet, herbal treatments, and yogic breathing) which just happens to be another of my passions ~ I just LOVE how everything is CONNECTED! The best thing is they offer a global community that is unmatched and support like I haven’t experienced in ANY online community.

For ALL of the reasons above and after revisiting both courses, in January of this year, I embarked on the Master Instructor Certification (now known as a Transformational Coach). I want to learn everything I can about this ancient practice, delivered through modern science, and share it with as many people as I can! Because all I know is, I actually look forward to my meditations and breath work practice EVERYDAY. And like I said, when I miss one…..I feel it!

Some of the little things I have found improved since starting this daily practice are better sleep, more drive and motivation to get things done at home and at work, more patience in day to day dealings, and I have experienced some significant shifts in perspectives and have had some intense and profound meditation experiences that are like nothing I have every felt before. The biggest and most significant change I’ve experienced, is personal, but so important, I’m going to share it anyways. Being 55, delivering two girls and overcoming MS, my bladder control had left much to be desired in the last several years, but in the last 3-4 months….NON-ISSUE!! This shit works miracles!!

I am only beginnings my “coaching” journey, but I am happy to share any information anyone would like to have! If you want a healthier, happier life, reach out! I have links to share with you for free stuff! 😉 If you’re not ready to reach out, but find yourself curious, check out Soma Breath’s YouTube channel– they offer a ton of free meditation/breathwork sessions, testimonials and a wealth of health and wellness information! Find your breath and change your life!

Namaste, Cindy


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