Does your skin care “brand” matter?

After 12 years of being a licensed Esthetician and working with an array of different skin care lines, not to mention being a skin care junkie myself, I continually have questions asked to me about “good and bad” ingredients, skin care products and/or specific skin care lines.   My mom started me at about age 14 on a popular Department store brand.  I thought that was so cool to go to the mall to get “good product”, which in hindsight, wasn’t all that great.   Only in the past few years, have I really started paying attention to specific ingredients and breakdowns, not only my skin care lines, but my make-up, my body washes, lotions and really anything I apply to my skin.

After a great deal of research, and quite frankly, continuous education, and investigation, THIS, is what it all comes down to: It is NOT about the brand, nor where you got it, how much you paid for it or what the label says.  As consumers, we need to continuously educate ourselves. I am a big advocate for organic and natural ingredients and eliminating as much potentially harmful/irritable chemicals/ingredients as possible.  I do acknowledge there are some ingredients that are inevitable and sometimes even necessary and beneficial (in limited amounts).  It is all about balance and moderation.  It is important to know what exactly we are putting on our skin, the biggest organ of our body!

These are a few of my favorite resources that can help you make informed decisions:

Think Dirty ~ .  Download the app to your phone which allows your to scan the barcode on your products.  It is extremely simple to use and contains a wealth of valuable information about thousands of everyday name brand skin care products and their ingredients and a rating as to how “clean or dirty” your product measures up.  The app and website were created by a woman who had a family history of cancer.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics ~ /

David Suzuki Foundation, Solutions are in Our Nature ~

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