Turmeric for your health and your skin

I’ve been enjoying turmeric lattes, also known as “golden milk”, for a few years.  I started taking turmeric when I learned of its many health benefits including its anti inflammatory properties, antidepressant effects, help in managing arthritis, and its effect on blood sugars and the management of diabetes.  But, of course, in my continued learning journey in holistic skincare and my hunger for figuring out how everything is connected, I found some beneficial effects turmeric has on the skin, as well.  One, it can help with acne breakouts and reducing scarring.  Its’ anti inflammatory properties make it excellent for calming the skin and reducing inflammation AND it’s super high on antioxidants!  You know what that means…ANTI-AGING! So, while I love my turmeric lattes, they do get a little “heavy” for me after a few days and I actually was down to having them only once or twice a week. I recently discovered some turmeric root from one of the local farmers markets and am now enjoying this glorious, healing and relaxing tea…pretty much every night. I LOVE it!

Much lighter than the “latte” version and more relaxing just before I hit my yoga mat…. or in most cases bed. I’ve had a few people asking for my tea recipes so figured it’s time to make it official and share it! To make it grab about a thumb size piece of fresh turmeric root. Wash or peel the turmeric…I do what I have time for. Then slice it really thin, as thin as you can get it (without injury), place it on the stove top in 8-10 oz of water, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for a good 15-20 mins. Strain the tea into your mug and if you want to add a little sweetener, my favorite is Bloom’s Raw honey (link below). It’s a honey harvested in an avocado orchard and has a smooth, rich flavor and, of course, the health benefits of raw honey make it even sweeter. Pun intended. Cheers to your health, healthy skin, and restful nights sleep! https://www.bloomhoney.com/pages/our-honey-your-health

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