What is Holistic skincare?

img_0011Well, first off, let me say, it looks like my blog has been on the back burner for a bit.  Feels good to be back!  Things have shifted a little…FOR THE BETTER.  While my first love will always be skin care, my adventure into TRULY HEALTHY SKIN (which I unknowingly, until recently, manifested over the past 15 years) lead me to my new found love for holistic skin care and holistic living, in general. Healthy skin happens with healthy, mindful, and educated choices.  Not only does my skin feel better than ever, I am finally at a comfortable place in my own skin, that I no longer feel the need to wear makeup.  As a matter of fact, I prefer NOT to.  That would just mean I have to take it off when I get home. Yes, my time is valuable (no, I’m lazy! haha).

I often get asked…”What IS holistic skin care?”  Holistic skin care means recognizing that the appearance of your skin is directly affected to your diet, your lifestyle, your environment and your overall health. The idea of holistic skin care is that if the body is in balance and in a state of wellness, the skin will reflect your well-being.  Conversely, when we have something going on internally, there is likely something going on externally and it will manifest in different conditions or areas on the skin.  While learning to understand what your body and skin need can be challenging, learning to read and listen to your body, and then providing the needed nourishment and/or treatment, internally AND topically can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin.  In this way, we are treating the skin “whole”-listically.

Over the past few years I’ve come to “crave”, if you will, the WHOLE holistic lifestyle.  From natural skincare, natural remedies, ayurvedic therapies, essential oils, meditation, yoga and mindful nutrition. When I don’t mindfully nourish my skin, my body and my mind, as a whole, I feel it, which I use as a constant reminder that I need to adjust my choices. It’s all about listening to yourself, as a whole. So along with my “normal” skin care stuff, I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite finds and discoveries and I welcome topic suggestions for future posts! Stay tuned for tips on healthier you!

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