First Time Facial? What to expect


 So you decided you wanted a facial, booked one, and now you’re nervous.  You’re apprehensive.  Not sure what to think?   I get a lot of first time facial clients and it’s almost always the same.   It’s ok! I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed and you might even get hooked.  Either way, you’re going to come out glowing and relaxed.

A good esthetician will immediately set you at ease.  Your intake form should indicate if this is your first facial and that should be an immediate part of the conversation, her resting your fears and answering any questions you might have to get you comfortable and started on your skin care journey.  I call it a journey, because you booking a first time facial means you’ve taken an interest in your skins’ appearance and this is my job!  I get to help you achieve healthy skin and teach you how to care for your skin at home and keep it healthy and glowing.

Once your treatment begins, expect to have limited conversation about tools or products being applied to your skin.  This is in an effort to ease the “what’s she doing to me next” fear that nearly every first time client experiences.  Your questions are always welcomed and in most cases encouraged.  This is a great opportunity for learning, for me about your skin care habits and piecing together what may be missing in you achieving your healthiest skin, and for you,  a great opportunity to learn how you should be taking care of your skin at home.  Of course the conversation is limited because ultimately we want you relaxed.  Relaxation = reduced stress = improved hormone balance = improved overall skin health.  YES, it all ties together with the addition of healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices.  Holisitic Skin Care, my newly rekindled love. More about that in a future blog…stay tuned.

During your treatment if the pressure is too much, or not enough, if something is bothering you about your skin, if the bed is too warm,  let your esthetician know!   Communication  with your therapist is KEY in you receiving the best benefits from the treatment being provided.  For the most part, any skin condition is treatable and correctable.  A good therapist will advise you on what YOU need to do, what SHE is able to do for you and what treatments you should seek further if the scope of your care is out of her limitations.   It is YOUR hour and it should be spent as such.  Lay back, relax and enjoy your treatment!

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