Over-exfoliation: Too much of a good thing

In a previous article I talked about what you’re missing out on if you are not exfoliating.  Since then I’ve seen a few clients who have taken exfoliating too far and on the flip-side and probably worse than not exfoliating at all…. is over-exfoliating, whether you are doing it too often, using overly aggressive ingredients or just plain scrubbing too hard.   I see the signs of over-exfoliation frequently, different signs on different skin, but broken capillaries, thinning skin, overly sensitive skin, dryness and redness are some of the most common skin conditions.  A good exfoliation is great, whether you’re doing it as part of your homecare routine or having a professional exfoliation, but when you exfoliate excessively you are actually causing yourself more damage.   Your exfoliation needs depend on YOUR skin, NOT how many peels your girlfriend had.   Everyone’s skin is different.  Make sure you’re communicating with your Esthetician about your skin care goals and expectations.   And that you are NEVER applying too much pressure.   Again, everyone’s skin is different and you will benefit best by choosing an exfoliator with ingredients that are appropriate for your specific skin type and your skin care goals.

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