Heal your sensitized skin and get your glow back


I treat, on average,  25 new clients/guests every week and the most common skin condition I see is over sensitized, stripped skin, meaning the natural oil barrier has been so compromised that the skin appears red, with the presence of small broken capillaries, dry red patches, sporadic breakouts and the skin may be sensitive to products and sometimes even water.  In many cases, I find the sensitivity is actually caused by ingredients (i.e., sulfates, synthetic fragrances, parabens, just to name a few) found in many popular over the counter/drug store and even some high end department store skin care products and/or makeup.  Even common “sensitive skin washes recommended by dermatologists” can aggravate the condition further over time because many contain ingredients that are not pure or natural and do not provide the nutrients the skin is lacking.   Acne products are another culprit of over-stripping the skin.  Keep in mind, it’s ok to reach for that acne product when your skin really needs it, but once the skin begins clearing up, it is important to not keep stripping away your natural oils every day AND to feed the skin the healing nutrients it needs to renew and repair itself.   Also, just because your skin care line is “expensive”, and from your favorite high end department store,  if the brand makes handbags, shoes, clothing, jewelry, and perfume, chances are their biggest concern isn’t the health of your skin.  Always check your ingredients.  The brand, the label and the price do not matter.

It IS possible to clear up those breakouts without compromising the health of your skin.  Getting to know your skin, and more importantly, educating yourself on the ingredients you are using, and MOST importantly a consistent home care routine,  with a little patience, your skin will clear up and remain healthy.   I’ve shared my favorite tool in a previous post, the app “Think Dirty” for your smart phone, to identify potentially harmful ingredients in your products.  In addition to eliminating the bad stuff, you also need to feed your skin and give it the nutrients and attention it is missing.  While there are some excellent natural and/or organic products out there, formulation and concentration differ. A well formulated product will aid and speed up the process of healing and repairing your skin.  If you are uncertain as to what steps to take or what your skin is missing, this is where your Esthetician can help guide you.  Client education is an extremely important component of a quality facial and your skin will love your for it.  Better yet, you’ll learn to love your skin.


Common ingredients to avoid:









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