What you’re missing out on if you’re not exfoliating


I was having a conversation with my girlfriend about her skin care and somehow I missed that she hasn’t been exfoliating as part of her skin care routine…..ever….and she’s 40?!? How did I miss this?!? We came upon this realization when she was asking me about some concerns with her skin….as I always do, I run the gamut of what the culprit could be….and we discovered she hasn’t been exfoliating. She told me she hadn’t ever really exfoliated because she thought it would dry her skin out and didn’t really know why she needed to be exfoliating.
Almost everyone needs to be exfoliating, usually starting by the good ol’ teenage years when your hormones start changing. No matter your skin type, you need to be exfoliating at least a couple of days a week, and it is important that you use an exfoliant appropriate (ingredients) for your skins’ own special needs. This is where your Esthetician can guide you into making appropriate selections for your skin type, and equally important, your skin condition.
If you remember in High School science class, we learned that much of our household dust is dead human skin cells? Gross, maybe, but a natural process, nonetheless. If you have an oilier skin type, your skin holds onto dead skin cells longer than a normal to dry person. And as we age, the process of shedding slows down. Part of the idea of exfoliation, is to keep up that youthful shed of the dead skin cells, while additionally delivering the appropriate ingredients to the skin for purposes of nutrition, brightening, oil-absorption, anti-bactial, etc. Appropriate exfoliation also speeds up the blood flow which can detox the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin to create new healthy skin below. Your speed of new cell turn over will also increase with regular appropriate exfoliation. Exfoliating is also going to aid your other products, i.e., serums/moisturizers, in working much better for you by allowing them to penetrate the skin more easily. Again, for the best result, it is recommended to consult with an Esthetician to make sure that you are choosing a product with ingredients that best suits your own skins’ needs.

Happy polishing!

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