Why do I need that “expensive” serum?


I can’t tell you how many clients say they’ve purchased or used a serum, but don’t really know why or what it’s for. Have you ever picked up that little bottle and thought, why is this so expensive? And then put it down and walked out? Here’s why you need to take that little gem with you. Serums are concentrated cocktails of active ingredients that effectively combat that skin issue that’s been “under your skin”. And this is why they are more “expensive” than the other products in your line of skin care.
Let’s look at Vitamin C, which happens to be one of my favorite ingredients because it is so widely beneficial to the skin. Everyone can benefit from a good Vitamin C Serum and of course the proper formulation for the appropriate skin type and condition is necessary for the best results. The following analogy was given to me a few years back and I think it makes a pretty good point of why you DO want that bottle of serum. Let’s say you have a whole line of a Vitamin C based products. Your cleanser, your toner, your moisturizer would be considered your oranges, your orange juice, and let’s say, grapefruit. Your serum? Well that’s the little 1500 mg tablet of vitamin C that you pop with your orange juice. Highly concentrated. Not only that, the molecules of a serum are typically much smaller than that of a moisturizer, so it is able to penetrate the skin deeper and much more quickly.  It is your secret weapon in the army of products you are using to combat and reverse signs of aging, clear up breakouts, lighten pigmentation, heal scarring, build collagen….the results go on, as do the types of ingredients formulated into your serums.
So when purchasing a serum, here is what to consider. What is it I am trying to achieve with my skin? Get to know your ingredients or consult an esthetician. There are tons of products on the market….and not every label is as honest as I’d like them to be, but hey, we already know that. So do your research and consult a professional, if necessary. And go for it….take that serum home with you…you won’t be sorry.

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